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What do we mean by Pre-Registration: It simply means the subission of

potential member's details into the

Pre-register people in our website without registration fee and we pay

N10k per 100 people. start now.


1. Register yourself by filling the registration form

2. Login, click on "click on create group" to create a group name

3. Click on "Register Group Members" to pre-register people that are into

small business trade.

No registration fee in this task, the information needed are:

1. Full name

2. House address

3. Shop address

4. Phone number and whatsapp

5. Email address

6. Date of birth

7. State of origin

8, facebook name

Help us to reach the petty traders in your area by registering their data

in our website so that we can give them seed loan. We pay you N10k per 100

people you pre-registered. you don;t need their registration fee at this

point, only their information, just submit the detail you collected from

them and we pay you and make you their admin.


1. Ensure you give each person his /her username and password after

entering their details in our website.

2. Let them know the group name you created for them as that is the group

they belong.

3. Let them know what the foundation stands for and what they start to

gain as they register.

4.Read much about us from our website so that you can answer questions

when asked.

Please follow these terms and conditions to ensure your smooth payment

after registering the business people.


1. Do not pre-register anyone's name without his approval

2. Do not collect the details of anyone below 25 or above 65 years

3. Do not collect details of persons that are not doing businesses.

4. Do not collect details of people that have no identifiable address.

5. Do not collect details from people who are too far from your area

You can use your most convenient method to achieve it but we suggest that

you just write the required details in a sheet of paper, get a notebook,

when you get to the people, ask each person to tell you his or her details

as required, write them down in the notebook, login and click on "REGISTER

GROUP MEMBERS" fill in each person's information, submit each completed

form till you get to 100. You need to register above 100 because we will

screen them based on our terms and conditions.



Pre register 1000 people in our website get

away with the sum of N10,000.00 Cash per 100 petty traders)

1. Register and login

2. Creat a group name before you can register people as the link to

register people is inside the homepage after a successful login.


1. The N10,000 payment meant for the pre registration of 100 traders does

not replace any of the benefits of the admin for the group of 20 people

but and additional earning as well as the first task in the process of

getting SEED LOAN, all benefits remain constant and payable to admin.

2. The minimum we need for a group loan is 20 that will apply after

registration not the whole 100 people that you registered. we have other

packages that people can benefit from not only loan, we will unveil all

that as time goes on

3. The N10,000 reward for the pre-registration of petty traders in your

area is not a contest, you do it at your convenient time and get paid.

One of our objectives is to support small businesses by giving them access to soft loans for their businesses.

What is the procedure for seed loans to be approved and disbursed?

Option one

1. Submit your name here

2. Reg with N2000
3. Buy loan form of N6000
4. Fill and submit form

5. Wait until the person gathering the group gets up to 20 members as a group including people each person will bring.
6. Disbursement of loan.

Option 2

1. Submit your name here
2. Reg with N2000
3. Buy loan form of N6000, fill form and submit
4. Get 3 people that also need small loan to do the same.
5. Disbursement of loan.





Omosimua Foundation is set to create employment for five thousand youths across Nigeria and beyond by introducing a freelance administrative representation of the foundation in every location, LGAs, States and regions that will help manage the affairs of the members of the foundation nationwide.

The foundation has created many arms to reach out to the vulnerables, the small business owners that cannot easily access loan from high level institutions like banks and other finance lenders and even if they are able to do so, the interest rate attached to the loan given is too high form them to pay and still have enough for their immediate families.

The foundation discovered the difficult protocols to get loans set by financial institutions through which the people at the lower level of the society have to pass through in order to meet the requirements of taking a loan from them, this is the major reason that makes the foundation to come up with the idea of seed loan as one of her products that will penetrate into the lower level of building the economy of the nation from the grassroots, One of the reasons Seed Loan limited the total sum accessible to a maximum of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000.00) is for the benefactor to use it to grow his or her business from this level untill it grows to a higher level where he or she can now raise a higher capital that will enable him to do a greater business that will give him a higher level of income turnover that will qualify him to get a higher amount of loan from the bank to continue his business..

Though it is zero percent interest rate but we do have some few charges which cannot be in anyway compared to the interest rate being charged by any financial institution, the few charges are used to keep the capital afloat so that we can pay our admin and representatives who handle the jobs at the various locations as a freelance job which they can do alongside their main job and it is also suitable for those who are not employed to have something doing.

We hereby appeal to well-meaning Nigerians who are concerned about the grassroots economy to join us in these service to humanity by lending out their arm of help and partnership in doing this for all Nigerians.

Thank you and welcome to OMOSIMUA FOUNDATION.



Omosimua Foundation is established to reach out to indigenous Community business men and women with financial needs by supporting small businesses with loans, giving members Educational support, healthcare, subsidized economic products and social welfare benefits.

Pls note that our current outreach is SEED LOAN for small businesses.

We give soft loan to small businesses
We Support people in Education
We give health care support
We give members access to afford economic products at lower cost.
We empower people nationwide as our representatives.

Registration is N2000 per person

Steps to follow in the contest:

Copy and paste the text in the bracket below on your facebook wall and you will be added to the contestants:

( 5th Edition




first to register 30 people in our website gets away with the sum of N50,000.00 Cash. )

1. Register and loginn

2. Creat a group name before you can register people as the link to register people is inside the homepage after a successful login.

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